It must have been lunch time, as I was beginning to get hungry. The thought of not being able to have any food until my Dad's got home from the vegan market, was making me feel even more eager to eat something. Although it wasn't particularly cold out, there were quite a few rain clouds forming above our house. I decided to take precautions and settled myself under a densely leafed bush. This would give me both shelter and a good viewing point for when Andrew and Geoff returned home later that day.

I was beginning to close my eyes, ready for a nap when there was a loud squawking noise, which startled me. I immediately jumped up to investigate what was happening. There it was, about one metre in front of me, stood on the garden path. It was a seagull chick that had obviously fallen from a rooftop nest. Seagulls like to nest amongst the chimneys, as they offer a large, safe area that both the mother and father can land to feed their family. However, when the chicks get older and practice spreading their wings they often get too brave and attempt to fly. This usually ends in the chick falling to ground level, where there is no chance of them returning to the nest.

This being the case the parents become distraught as they must then tend to their young one's needs amongst the dangers of normal street life. This is when the mother becomes very protective of her young and can become extremely aggressive.

I remained under the bush, contemplating my next move. Careful not to startle the chick even more, as the fall from the roof must have come as quite a shock. Then out of the corner of my eye I noticed a large figure that had landed on the garden fence. It was obviously the chick's mother, swooping down to protect her young. The gull was huge, at least three time larger than myself. Stood, checking her surroundings and making sure that her chick was still safe, the mother jumped from the fence and onto the path. She was now stood with her back to me, her chick moving rather erratically, pacing up and down the garden. 

I was trapped underneath the bush, though I needed to re-position myself. I knew, however, that if i was spotted by the mother my own life would be in danger. I stood and stretched by arching my back. Without noticing I must have stood on a twig, which stapped under my right back paw. With that the chick's mother immediately turned and looked me straight in the eye. Even though this was only for a split second, it seemed like an age. I stood frozen with fear at what might take place. 

The seagull then fully spread her wings and proceeded to take a run at me. I was terrifed and tried to make an aggressive hiss, in order to maybe keep this huge beast from attacking me. No luck with that as she continued her attack. 

I ran, I jumped, I ran some more and then ran even more than that. I jumped over neighbouring fences, onto the roofs of garden sheds. As I continued to escape I came across dogs that were barking as I dared to tresspass into their gardens. In the end I came to a field. There was a small oak tree with some undergrowth beneath it. I quickly hid myself within the grasses to catch my breath and to gather my thoughts. 

After a few minutes I plucked up enough courage to raise my head and have a look around. Phew, the seagull mother had not followed me. No dogs had followed me either. I was totally alone. I looked around once more. Where was I? I was lost. How do I get home. I need to find my way back to my family as soon as possible, but how?



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