Lillie- May was my dog sister. She's no longer with us, though we were inseparable. When Geoff and Andrew took Lillie and her birth mother, Charlie out for a walk I went too. Skipping and jumping over Lillie's head. We had so much fun together. She would chase after me and I would do the same with her. We ate together, slept together and even toileted together.  

We all lived together in an ex-mining village called Sunnybrow in the North East of England. We were all very happy there though our dads yearned to live on the coast and eventually they decided to move to Filey. A small fishing village on the east coast called.

So me, my sisters and brothers were secured in our travel cages and driven to our new home by the sea.

Lillie and I were so excited to check out our new surroundings. The house was huge so we had plenty of space to play. It was a few days before Geoff and Andrew had unpacked and settled all us pets in and explained where our new feeding and watering areas were. Humans can be so condescending sometimes. As if us animals wouldn't be able to sniff out food and water. 

During our first afternoon Geoff and Andrew put leads on Lillie and Charlie and ventured out to the beach for the first time. I was under strict instructions not to leave the house for at least 2 weeks. in case I lost my bearings and was unable to find my way back home.

So as the days went by I sat at the lounge window, waiting as Lillie went for walks without me. I never ventured far from our new home, as we were situated in the centre of the village which became very busy at times with tourists and locals. So me and Lillie going on walks to the beach together would have been potentially dangerous for me anyway.

Geoff and Andrew had an Aga fitted in the kitchen and I would enjoy warming myself on the rug, whilst watching them both making homemade soaps and other vegan-friendly goodies on the huge wooden table in the middle of the room. Life was good until one morning I embarked on the most terrifying time of my life.

Come back next month to hear my tales of how both mine and Lillie's lives changed forever.

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