This month's short blog is dedicated to Lucy, who works so hard in the shop and who celebrates her birthday this month.

As the days passed I continued to visit the school, where the kind lady who lived in the adjoining house would throw me pieces of chicken and always left a bowl of fresh water next to the bins, where I could eat and drink safely. Then one day there was no food left out. No water and no kind lady to be seen. I had been living in undergrowth that gave me shelter from the rain and I felt safe as I had a good view of my surroundings. 

By now I was beginning to get hungry again and I knew that if the lady did not appear to throw me my daily morsels, then I would have to go hunting again. Where had  she gone? Was she unwell? Had she fallen and unable to call for help. I decided to pluck up the courage and see if I could look through a window and see what was wrong. It was particularly quiet around the school today as it was the weekend, so I made my way towards the house, making sure that I kept to the edge of the playground, so as to not bring unwanted attention to myself.

At the rear of the house was a smallish kitchen window which had what looked like a barrel situated below. Just enough height for me to be able to jump from the barrel and onto the window sill to look into the house. As I jumped I realised that I no longer had my normal strength in my legs and I missed the top of the barrel and I fell to the ground. Luckily cats have a habit of always falling on their feet so the only damage was to my pride.

As I raised myself to my paws I caught a glimpse of a note that had been left for the milkman. It read, "no milk needed for one week, away on holiday." Now two pivotal things sprung to mind after reading the note. This lady was blatantly advertising to the criminal world that her house was empty for one week and more importantly i would definitely be living off flies and spiders until her return. 

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