It was a sunny, yet breezy June morning. Geoff and Andrew were up early as they were organising their handmade soaps, body butters and lotions to take to the local farmer's market in Malton. 

Even though it was 5 am it was already light outside, with the squawking of seagulls being quite deafening. They had been out at sea, collecting food for the baby gulls who were now fighting for a mouthful of their parent's catch.

I was happy to watch this ritual from afar as I knew that parenting gulls were very protective over their chicks and can attack anything that they see as a threat to them.

The back door of the kitchen was slightly open as it was already quite warm outside. Geoff started to load the car with the vegan and vegetarian friendly goodies. I decided to follow and watch his movements from the end of the garden when something grabbed my attention.

I thought I'd seen a small field mouse, scurrying around in one of the flower beds. I immediately went to investigate, moving very slowly, in order not to disturb this potential morning find. I paused to collect my thoughts. Excitement building, with thoughts of gaining a new friend. You see I never killed my prey. I was far too soft. Instead I dreamed of having lots of wild playmates that would regularly visit and play with me and the rest of my extended family.

Unfortunately my new friend turned out to be nothing more than a pine cone that had fallen from a neighbours tree. Disappointed, I returned to the house for a well earned rest. 

Nooooo. The back door was closed. Whilst I had been out, friend hunting Geoff and Andrew had locked the door and had left for market. I was now locked out for the whole day as they never returned home before dusk on market day. They always took the dogs with them but left food and water down for the rest of us until they returned.

I'd never been locked out before and was already beginning to feel rather nervous. How was I going to survive the day on my own and out in the fresh air?




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